Substitution Policy

From time to time, substitutions may be necessary to fill an order in a timely manner (especially when an order is for a holiday or occasion such as a birthday or anniversary and the gifts need to arrive on time). Some of the items in our gifts/gift baskets may be backordered, discontinued or out-of-stock for a variety of reasons -- most of which are beyond our control.

In these circumstances, we will substitute items of equal or greater value in all cases. We reserve the right to substitute any item with an item of equal or greater value.

For example, if a particular type of candy is backordered such as Ghirardelli, we will substitute if with a closely related item at a higher value such as Godiva. Doing this, will ensure that your order will be delivered on a timely basis.


Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate in our gifts may be replaced with other gourmet items of equal or greater value from May through September, when the weather gets warmer. These substitutions are done to ensure the timely arrival and freshness of your gifts as well as the integrity of the presentation.


Wine Gift Baskets

For wine baskets, if you ordered (for example) a Dom Perignon Gift Basket, you can expect to receive a Dom Perignon gift basket, as wine/champagne/beer etc. cannot be substituted because of the uniqueness of each alcohol item. However, gourmet items contained within the Dom Perignon gift basket may be substituted due to warmer weather reasons.


Gourmet Gift Baskets

For gourmet baskets, these are least likely to be spoiled to extreme weather conditions, therefore it's less unlikely items in these baskets will receive any major substitutions.


Fruit Gift Baskets

We never substitute fruits. To guarantee satisfaction and freshness, we only permit next day shipping on fruit gift baskets. We may however substitute chocolates or gourmet items to something of equal or greater value if we deem it's necessary.